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TRV University Overview
Welcome to TRV University!

TRVU is the premiere training resource for remote viewing instruction.

TRV University Laboratory
Welcome to the TRV University Laboratory!

   The TRV University Laboratory is where all supplemental TRV training takes place.

   Here, registered students refine their TRV skills by participating in scheduled tutoring sessions, and working additional Level 1 through Level 3 training targets.

   If you are a student, please ensure you are logged in to access the registered student materials.

Tutoring Sessions
   Tutoring is available to TRV University students who require a little help with their TRV studies.

   To view this area, click the button to the right.

Supplemental Training Targets
   Extra training targets are available for TRV University students to practice on.

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Discussion Forums
   The support forums provide students with a place to discuss their TRV studies with other users, receive help with their current studies, and an area to post TRV sessions and view others' sessions in a closed environment.

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Live Tutoring Session Archives
   Recordings of past live tutoring sessions are available here for viewing. If you missed the session or just want to catch up on what was said, browse the session archives.

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