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TRV University Overview
Welcome to TRV University!

TRVU is the premiere training resource for remote viewing instruction.

Enrollment Options

Learn more about TRV University's available courses and find out how you can Enroll in the Administration Building.

Watch The Videos

Watch videos which explain how Technical Remote Viewing works, including the New Student Orientation, at the Auditorium Building.

TRV U Testimonials

At the Testimonials page, read about what TRV University students say about their training experiences and how learning Technical Remote Viewing has changed their lives.

"This Technology Is The Single Most Powerful Tool Available To Mankind."

Read More Student Testimonials.

TRV University Student Commons
Welcome to the TRV University Student Commons!

   Here, registered students can meet with other students, discuss Technical Remote Viewing related issues, and post information about various aspects of TRV training.

Independent TRV Projects Study Hall
   The Independent TRV Projects Study Hall provides a forum for TRV University students to organize, plan, and discuss independent student-initiated projects. Students may post their Technical Remote Viewing data, sessions, and conclusions, and issue reports for review by their peers and instructors. Students learn how to work as a team and gain valuable real-world operational project development skills.

   To visit this forum (registered students only), click the button to the right.

Live Chatroom
   In the TRV University live chatroom, you can converse with users from around the world on various topics, from TRV University training and remote viewing history, to current events and the weather. This chat requires a Java capable browser.

   To join chat, click the button to the right.

Discussion Forums
   The TRV University public discussion forum allows visitors and students alike to discuss general topics, get technical support advice on using the TRV University system, ask questions on remote viewing systems, and offers a look at one of the many support options available to registered TRVU students.

   To visit the forums, click the button to the right.

   Links to other Technical Remote Viewing and psi-related websites.

   To view the links, click the button to the right.

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