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TRV University Overview
TRV University Tuition Comparison

A cost comparison of TRV University courses versus traditional courses offered at other universities.

Technical Remote Viewing University - Tuition Information & Cost Comparison
   The cost of attending TRV University is less than the cost of attending many private colleges today. TRV University programs provide undergraduate and graduate students with an exclusive skill set that is unavailable at any other traditional learning institution.

   The pioneering distance learning model has proven effective since 1996, when our Technical Remote Viewing video training courses first availed average citizens from all walks of life access to a technology that was previously only available to a select few officers in U.S. Military intelligence.

   With other learning institutions, there are many more expenses and required fees that can add significantly to the cost of a course. Often, the cost of textbooks per year can be $1,000 or more. At TRV University, there are no required text books to purchase. All of your printed reading materials are included and available to you online.

  Single course tuition cost comparison:
   TRV University (Technical Remote Viewing 101: Basic Skills)$1295.00
   Columbia University (Political Science S1002Q)$2514.00
   University of Phoenix Online (Marketing: MKT 421G)$1230.00
   Northwestern University (Newswriting and Reporting 301-0)$3217.00
   Harvard University (SOCI S-40: Introduction to Human Societies)$1850.00

   TRV University Admission Requirements

   TRV U's online training programs are open to applicants over the age of 18 who can follow directions, comply with TRV training requirements, and are mature enough to manage the responsibilities imposed by independent online studies.

   Admission Procedures (for TRV 101)

    1. Complete the online enrollment application and pay the initial tuition deposit. At the end of the online enrollment, you will be given instant access to the course.

    2. Return a payment options letter to TRV University Administration. (Emailed to the student at the end of the enrollment process.)

   TRV University Tuition

   TRV 101 tuition is $1295.00* (see below for TRV Generation II owner discounts.) However, there are several payment options:

1. Prepayment by cash or credit card. (Receive a $300.00 discount.)
Your tuition is $995.00

2. 90 day credit card payment plan.
You will be charged 4 payments over a 90 day period.)

3. Student loan (not available outside the U.S.)
We can set up a financing plan that will allow you to pay your tuition in 24 monthly payments.

*Note: Current owners of the TRV Generation II basic training self study course receive a $500 tuition discount, AND FOR A LIMITED TIME, will receive an additional $250 discount, for a total of $750 off. (Full tuition will only be $545.00.)

   For questions regarding student loans, class costs, and other financial questions regarding TRV University, please contact the student loans office, at (425) 643-9939, from 9AM-5PM, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

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